The Only Noises Worse than Christian Bale’s Batman Voice

Posted on July 14, 2012 by


With The Dark Knight Rises only days away, I thought it appropriate to list the top ten sounds in the world that I find more annoying than Christian Bale’s odd, seemingly Hemorrhoid-induced portrayal of Batman’s angry-time voice.

10. Children laughing.

9. Taylor Swift.

8. The emergency broadcast warning signal.

7. Anything Steve Doocy says, ever, ever.

6. A tracheotomy patient whistling “Let It Snow.”

5. Any winning professional athlete’s post game interview, with the lone exception of Ron Artest.

4. The piercing crunch of a shot glass in the garbage disposal. And yes, I’ve lived this.

3.  The entire score for A Few Good Men.

2. Crunching of ear wigs nibbling on my frontal lobe.

1. Laugh tracks. (Side note. Big Bang Theory sucks big hairy cheese turds. Don’t believe me? Watch this.)