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Glee: Deep Fried Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sprinkled with Happiness

February 16, 2011 by


I didn’t want to watch Glee. In fact, I can say that I successfully and artfully dodged all the rabid exhortations from friends and family to watch the first season. Not even when my brother expertly performed the entire Brittney Spears episode, word for word and step for step, did I relent. (Actually that’s not […]

So it Begins: Top 10 TV Show Intros

January 12, 2011 by


Number 10: Thunder Cats I thought ThunderCats was just one long acid trip and I thought that when I was about 5 years old.  Seriously, cats with super powers!  This has to be a product of the 70’s, just a completely wasted decade (just like 2000 to 2010).  Wait, it was released in 1985, amidst […]

1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire

September 21, 2010 by


1 Minute Review: Boardwalk Empire In One Sentence. And then the nice guy blew of the dude’s head with a shotgun. What is this now? Atlantic City at the dawn of prohibition.  Corrupt politicians and gangsters rush to fill the void with liquor and their pockets with cash.  And each other with holes. Think most […]

10 Ad’s that can cause a Homicide

July 25, 2010 by


  For every breath of commercial greatness like the Most Interesting Man in the World (Dos Equis) or the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Trailer, there are ten mind-boggling pieces of crap that are aired hundreds of times a day.  Since commercial advertising is the price we pay for television programming (for those unlucky souls […]

Covert Affairs: From the Producers of Badass

July 21, 2010 by


  If you’re one of those few people who still predominately watches network television, you may have not seen Covert Affairs on the USA network yet.  No worries.  That’s what I am here for, your television program filtering needs. I should note that the USA network is quietly saving me this summer.  Once the Playstation went […]