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3D Guide to Upscale Condominium Vocabulary

June 6, 2011 by


Open floor plan (n.)–Your freaking bedroom has no door. Doors. That’s right, I never would’ve thought I’d have to ask—does the room you’re claiming to be a room actually have a door? Well, loyal readers, you now have to ask that question. At some point condo, building poop sacks—and I mean poop sacks of a […]

No Pulse, No Problem: Hottest Male Vampires Part II

August 3, 2010 by


Bravely continuing on with the sacrifice of my manhood… 5.  Angel (David Boreanaz), Angel I sum up this selection by referencing Wedding Crashers.  You remember some bratty little kid demands that Vince Vaughn make him a balloon bicycle? And Vince says, “All right, I’m going to make you a bicycle. But I don’t want to […]

The Good and Bad of Being sHoRt

August 2, 2010 by


I’m 5’1 and proud of it!!! Yet…there are good and bad things to being short. Here are just of few things short people deal with. Good: Getting to ask hot guys for help with reaching things on high shelves. Bad: Hot guys are usually not around and so the slightly taller than you, rather pump […]