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Black Swan: A Sharp Wing to the Face

March 24, 2011 by


Black Swan in a Sentence: Extremely visceral and disorienting, like if a tearful Snow White sliced her own forearms with tin can tops while the Seven Dwarfs watched and whistled  “Heigh Ho.” Why I Almost Grew Black Wings: The pacing is highly innovative. Darren Aronofsky masterfully uses the first hour to screw with your senses, […]

2 Minute Movie Review: The Town

October 9, 2010 by


The Town in a sentence: If Point Break and Heat had a baby, and then that baby drove around in a tank, married a supermodel, won the World Series of Poker and a game of beer pong simultaneously, and trained a Grizzly Bear to sing show tunes all while revitalizing the economy as Mayor of […]

Brian’s Trailer Park – Aug. 3rd to 13th

August 5, 2010 by


The Other Guys Why do all the funny trailer scenes have Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock and all the dumb ones have Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlburg.  While I don’t have anything against Ferrell (Ricky Bobby is the mantra of my life) and Wahlburg (incredible in the Departed), I kind of just want to […]