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Black Swan: A Sharp Wing to the Face

March 24, 2011 by


Black Swan in a Sentence: Extremely visceral and disorienting, like if a tearful Snow White sliced her own forearms with tin can tops while the Seven Dwarfs watched and whistled  “Heigh Ho.” Why I Almost Grew Black Wings: The pacing is highly innovative. Darren Aronofsky masterfully uses the first hour to screw with your senses, […]

Scott Pilgrim Versus Bradmouth … two men enter .. the fortunate get to leave …

December 16, 2010 by


There is an excellent chance that within the first 5 minutes of Scott Pilgrim versus the world, you turn to your non-existent significant other or another individual among your viewing party and utter 6 words better saved for Syfy Channel movies, Taylor Swift albums, and the New York Jets offense.  Those are, in no particular […]

Inception: So Good It Hurts

July 18, 2010 by


By Brad White Run Time: 2hr. 28 min. Grade: A+ Unless you’ve been under a rock—or on a six week Wild Turkey bender like Mel Gibson—you’ve undoubtedly seen the Inception trailer. You recognize Leonardo DiCaprio.  You get that it’s the director who made The Dark Knight, or as a I call it, the Batman movie […]

Brian’s Trailer Park

July 13, 2010 by


Dinner for Schmucks Why is a single dinner party with a bunch of losers a movie?  If I wanted to watch a Steve Carell movie that wasn’t funny, couldn’t I just re-watch Dan in Real Life?  Already this summer we had the release of Jonah Hex for the legions of fans demanding a Wild Wild […]

Bradmouthin Knight & Day: Effectively Fun

June 27, 2010 by


Do you like Tom Cruise?  That is the only question you need ask yourself when deciding to see this film. In Knight & Day, and yes his last name is Knight and–oddly enough–her last name is not Day, Tom Cruise is a spy on the lamb, relentlessly attempting to protect a never ending battery and […]

Bradmouthin at the Movies: 30 Days of Night, Running Diary

June 25, 2010 by


Running Diary: 30 Days of Night What does a 27 year-old male with good prospects do on a sunny Saturday afternoon? He goes on a picnic with his significant other, balances his checkbook with his latest paycheck, or maybe even goes house hunting. Which is why I went to see a movie by myself. Don’t […]

A Depressing Dose of Deep Despair (a.k.a The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

March 11, 2010 by


In one of my earliest posts here in Loompaville, I stated that Brokeback Mountain was the single most depressing film I’d ever seen. And it has valiantly held that title for several years. Through I Am Legend’s cheap murder of the dog. It held up. As I watched Mr. Plainview mentally destroy his adopted son […]